Your Design. Their Gift

Your dream kitchen or bathroom becomes a reality

Let your family & friends be a part of your home's transformation

Remove the discomfort of asking for a monetary wedding gift

Extremely easy, safe & secure for family & friends to make a gift

The perfect wedding gift

Your wedding gift is special and forms part of your big day! Our mission is to help both the bride & groom and your guest contributors feel like they have truly been involved in something special.

There are two sides to gifting, the person receiving and the person presenting. A recent survey showed that a couple to be married, if given a choice of wedding gift would be highly likely to request monetary contributions in order to make home improvements. It also highlighted both the reluctance to actually ask for money as a gift with a similar awkwardness applied to giving money as a gift without actually knowing where the money was being spent.

#OMGifting has identified a solution to this situation.

The perfect home

#OMGifting will work with you to create your life changing and desirable gift!

We work closely with you to create a spectacular kitchen or bathroom design, which was once a dream, but now becomes a reality.

Once we have agreed your plans and monetary targets, we then create your very own unique project web page that you can share. Your family & friends can then help bring your dream to reality, whilst removing any discomfort in asking for cash gifts.

We work with reputable and secure payment providers, PayPal and Stripe to add peace-of-mind for the gifter. We do this by making the process extremely easy, safe and secure. Unlike gifting cash, the gifter will also have a true, personal connection with your wedding present.

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