Your Design. Their Gift

With your wedding day approaching quicker than a speeding train you probably have put the wedding gift request to the back of the “things to do” queue.

I visited my Nan last week and was having a conversation around her wedding day, back in 1960. She told me that “in her day” it was the norm to get hitched and then move in together, which I find hard to comprehend. “How on earth did you know you could live together?” She replied with, “You just did and I and your grandad are still going strong”.

In my nan’s day, a toaster, kettle, or cake stand (which my wife managed to obtain on the back of this conversation) were the kind of items that would be gifted to the happy couple. Fast forward to today and the kettle is probably already owned and working fine. So what to ask for?

My advice would be to sit down with your partner and decide what it is you would actually like. Decide if you want to go for one big gift such as home improvement, do you want to go for honeymoon contributions (there are some great companies whereby somebody can buy an excursion for you) or you may actually decide that the good old fashioned route of kettle and toaster is the one for you. Just come to a decision that you can communicate to your guests with plenty of time to go. Being specific around what to bring will save many unnecessary hours of head scratching and/or searching the nooks and crannies of the local shopping centre.

The other point that is sometimes overlooked is if your gift is to be physical e.g. actually a box of something don’t forget you will need a space allocated to store these gifts and a nominated volunteer to get these back to your home after the special day and whilst you are working off the champagne hangover.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck!

Article by Danny Willis, Co-Founder – #OMGifting